CSI Bishop V Devasahayam – Goodbye

Today I saw the man who is opposing the continuance of the Bishop… sitting in the press club along with some people and threatening to go on strike if the Bishop does not step down…

source Sun TV

Bishop can become a caretaker  Times network

Chennai: Holding that Synod is the supreme authority of the Church of South India (CSI), the Madras high court has said the incumbent bishop of Madras Diocese could continue only as a caretaker bishop until the new appointment is made. 
A ruling to this effect was given by a division bench comprising Justice M Chockalingam and Justice R Subbiah, on a matter relating to the continuation of V Devasahayam (60) as bishop of CSI beyond May 1, when his 10-year stint ended. 
It all began with the Laity Association filing a civil suit in the high court to restrain Devasahayam from continuing in the post beyond May 1. It also sought commencement of election process to elect a new bishop. It also referred to a communication from the CSI moderator, stating that the bishop’s term would end on May 1 and that he could continue as caretaker bishop of CSI until a new bishop takes over. 
The bishop, on his part, filed a suit stating that as per the CSI constitution he could continue until age 65, and that he should not be restrained from holding the post beyond May 1. After a single judge upheld the case of the bishop, the
present appeals were preferred by the Executive Committee of the Synod and JW Gladstone, moderator of CSI. 
Allowing the appeals, the division bench said that as per Clause 13 of Chapter IX of the CSI constitution, Synod was the supreme governing and legislative body of the CSI, and it was the final authority in all matters pertaining to the church. In 1999, it was the Synod which unanimously decided to restrict the period of appointment for 10 years. “It has made the appointment for only

10 years, and this was also approved and informed to bishop Devasahayam. He also gave his consent in writing…Having accepted the appointment for a period of 10 years, now he cannot be permitted to say that he would continue till 65 years of age…” Also, Devasahayam, who filed the suit against the Synod, did not seek the court’s permission to sue an unincorporated body such as the Synod and hence the suit itself was not maintainable, the judges said. They then permitted Devasahayam to continue as caretaker bishop of the Madras Diocese until a new appointment is made.

My first post – quite speculative from a not so credible source.

Its is believed that Bishop V Devasahayam has lost the case in supreme court and has been given 3 months time to pack up.  The news needs to be confirmed.  This blog will give you more details on this once the news starts coming in.

These reports are unconfirmed and needs to be verified, all my attempts to gather information on this has not yeiled any result.  No news items and no hearsay too. TILL SUCH TIME WE NEED TO CONSIDER THIS AS A GOSSIP.

While on this its important that we deal with the issue of politics in Church or any religious institution.  The internecine squabbles may seem to hurt the institutions but to me its far better than what happens in many ‘pentecostal’ systems that are tight with the ‘Chief Commanding Officer’ at the helm (often a man with dictatorial behaviour). I sure prefer a system that lets out the stink and self purifies that a one that hides its maladys causing more harm.

To that extent I have great respect for institutions such as CSI that is constantly on boil and is there for the world to seed.

The judicial system of India has done a great job, many would say.  However one really does not know the responsiblities a Bishop’s chair demands the opposition he will have to face.

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    1. V.Devasahayam is not a bishop and he is a caretaker bishop for another 6 weeks. The case is pending in supreme court.

  1. oh yes he is still the Bishop….honestly to me the only bishop i can think of is the one in the chess board, to me it really does not matter if Mr Devasahayam is the Bishop, they will all end up doing good and bad in equal measure, and you can be sure what they think as good will be seen as bad and vice versa…funny world adds up layers of humor when it happens in church

  2. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

    - Marc Shaw

  3. Hello,
    It looks like Bishop Devasagayam has got a court award in his favor. Moderator of CSI and and the CSI synod which insisted Bishop Devasagayam to quit are now facing legal problems. This time CSI is brought to the road by the external audit conducted by Foreign Sponsors. I do not think that the moderator’s decision to ask Bishop to step down was correct. and there are chances that Moderator along with Laity association conspired against Bishop Devasagayam.

      1. philip there is a famous story in which a doctor declared a patient as dead and after few hours the patient gets up and claims he is alive ,one of the relative said ” shut up and lie down do you know more than the doctor” your response to vasanth is like this .

  4. Please see the supreme court web site / case list / case no. 25923 dt 30-11-09 and see the original order and he will continue as a care taker bishop and the case will dispose within 6 weeks time. hope the truth will win and i request all to pray for the madras diocese. On 4-11-09 one case is coming up in Madras High Court regarding Rs.4.5 crors medical equipment which was sold out by care taker bishop v.devasahayam and Tsunami funds also misused by him. He should quit from his office before supreme court sent him out.

  5. Madras diocese preside over the special executive committee meeting held on 6th October 2009 with an agenda “Moderators Mandate on election of Bishopric-Madras diocese” where 23 executive members present. Out of 23 members 17 members are belongs to his nomination appointment and reverends who are working under him. Only 6 members are the layman elected to the executive committee. details below
    Officers of the diocese directly working under him – 3
    Reverends appointed by him in the exe.committee – 4
    Reverends nominated by him – 2
    Reverends who are directly employed by him – 4
    Lay members nominated by him – 4
    The balance members of layman elected – 6

    He persuaded the executive committee members to pass resolutions to sanction appox. Rs.50 lakhs towards his legal expenses at Supreme court. It is misappropriation of funds of public trust deviating from the aims and objects of the people given to the God’s ministry.

    We Laity Association of CSI Madras Diocese send a letter to Caretaker Bishop V.Devasahayam, the amount would be collected from you and your officers of the diocese of madras and also from the members of the executive committee being the amount is public fund of the various church members of diocese.

    Also he purchased Rs.30 lakhs worth of car for his use.

    1. we are a family of 5, right from my childhood we have learnt to give to the lord and for his works and once we have given it we are alwayz satisfied thinking that it goes for the people in need. My parents worked so hard in raising 3 of us , inspite of all the “needs” in the family they gave to God. Its so dis-heartening to read the above blog that the hard work of my parents have been mis-used. Not denying the fact that, what ever given to God is for God, 50 Lkahs is a lot of money for ONE person and especially for his own use.

    2. laity being a defuncked body has no say , the church needs no devils to destroy it because the laity association is seriously doing the job .

  6. Does the CSI have the account statements for the 1732 crores obtained from the churches
    all over the world?How much money did the Madras CSI Diocese obtain? Who distribuited the funds for the different dioceses?Were the moderator and the Synod also in charge of the funds?

  7. laity association has no other job but to waste their time and other precious time by surviving on rurmours, i enquired about the medical equipment which you said bishop has sold . the equipment is still there stop bluffing and know the matter before speaking about some thing in public.

  8. There is a whole conspiracy against Bishop Devasahayam. He is a dalit. People who have conspired against are Nadars and other cast communities who are dead against the dalit resurragence in the churches. It is these nadar christians who come to North Tamil for a living, make money and spend money to influence the churches to take control of the Churches. They do not other christians from less privilged communities to hold offices in the Church. Nadars are not the christians whom Christ spoke about. They are highly cast conscious, they do not encourage intercast marriages. They show fellowship and brotherhood only with their own caste christians.

    The root cause for all the problems which CSI Church faces in North Tamil nadu is the on going conflict between Christian Nadars and Dalit Christians.

    1. We always try to judge on the basis of our own experiences and the cultural background. Let us try not to point out others rather try for peace and reconciliation and good neighbourhood. In my little experience and had experiences working in the churches I always try to relate with others irrespective of castes. Let us not talk about the caste which has brought so much division to the church. Let us try to respect each other and after all we are human being….

  9. Suresh, thanks for the post…. My name will display the fact that I was born in “N” community… What u are saying is absolutely correct, they are proud and parochial.

    People should stop thinking Dalits are marginalized, Bible is all about lifting up the ones who are in the peripheries and bring them to the centre. Its not about Dalits being accepted its about making them rulers. Only then can the church and India see progress.

    The so called powerful and wise are like cow dung. Thats why I hate to call myself a ‘N’ but I will love to be a Dalit.

    Incidentally I did not know that our Bishop was a ‘D’

  10. I have few questions to Mr Amirtha Raj.
    Sir, I have not taken any stand in supporting anybody. But please let me know if the below said are true.
    Laity association is full of Nadars and it is conspiring against Bishop Devasagayam. They do so because Devasagayan was seriously trying to fight against few elements those who have taken education institutions (like Madras Christian College) under their control.

    It is a very clear clash between Nadars and Adi Dravida Christians.

    He is the only bishop who has been asked to step down by the moderator after completion of 10 years.

    Does the moderator step down after a stipulated time period?

  11. Hey Fools you dont Know abt our Bishop Deva. He is the anointed servant of god. Don’t bring the gods curse on you and your families. I know our bishop right from my childhood. He the only bishop who is not greed of these earthly things. He is the person who is longing after the posting of bishop or moderator. He will just throw the bishop posting if it is from men, but it was god who called him for his glories ministries so even the Bishop Devashayam does not have the right to resign his office as a bishop, because it was the call of the king of kings.

    I request you Christians don’t waste your time in this unwanted talk. Knee down and pray for the perishing souls. Don’t talk as you like at the anointed servants of god. Remember Moses Sister.


    1. Bishop Deva…like it. He is surely the anointed servant of God. The discussion group sure must not deride the person or the office. Personally Iam of the opinion, I have stated it before, its always good to oppose and bring out differences in the open. This is the sign of a good and effective system, its ability to self correct. Iam sure the CSI will become stronger and its ministry will flourish as thats the plan of God and no one on the face of earth can stop it.

      There are many ministries who indulge in fraud and are able to get away with big time swindling without any accountability. A reign of terror prevails with a ‘christian smile’. Its these that we need to address and encourage to be transparent like the CSI system.

  12. Dear Friends I am really happy to see that you have understand that Bishop Deva is an anointed servant of god and above the almighty lord Jesus Christ is with him. I have seen our beloved bishop so closely he has kept his patience and also controlled the congregation not to fight with the anti element forces that are against him. Friends trust me there are people who love our bishop in such an away that even who are ready to give there life for him, because he such a kind and humble servant of god. Even before becoming the bishop of madras diocesan he had many excellent offer to settle in abroad . But he just threw them of as I told in my pervious mail, he never desires about the worldly things. He made up his mind to serve her in India in bring up the needy people.

    As a member or even as a ordinary man please thing what is the use of bishop deva to bring these collages like MCC, WCC & other. Is it going to be the property of Bishop Deva ? Not atall. The MCC, WCC & others collages were started by the great missioners for the poor people who are rejected by the community. See the rich anti elements have taken the collage and now not even a poor child can enter the gates of those collages. Just to divert our bishop vision on bring back the collages the anti elements have created problem to our Beloved Bishop Deva. It is really very much sad to say that even so called great Evangelist & CSI pastors have also joined the hands with the Anti elements. The reason is that his hands are clean. He is not making money and he is not allowing others to make money. So these anti elements want our bishop to get down. God is with our beloved Bishop Deva. Our god will not be happy with us if we keep quite when his servants are disturbed by those anti elements.

    When Samuel was ruling the people of Israel it was the will of god that Samuel should rule his people, but the people of Israel told Samuel we don’t want you we want the king to rule over us. Samuel went and told the lord that the people want a king to rule over them. Lord told Samuel the people of Israel have not rejected you, but they have rejected me. Then we know what the condition was? God gave them a king but what happen in the last? Remember our beloved bishop in your prayers and don’t fold your hand to fight against the anti elements you are the real Gideon. Rise go with the strength you have. The horses are ready for battle, but the victory comes from our god. We do not trust on horses or chariots but we trust on the almighty god.

    From your brother in Christ,
    Kirubakaran. E

    1. Dear Kiruba..Iam with u on this, institutions such MCC and WCC must not be allowed to be takeing over by the rich. It is founded on rock, Jesus Christ, it will weather all the storms. It certainly the responsibility of an institutions such as CSI, to make sure that the rich are kept away.

  13. idiots,all talk nonsense abt the bishop but the real truth is that he is going to continue as the bishop .the once who r blabering abt him r just criminals and are hanging their tounges out for that high and dedicated posts.i wish they all die at once so that at least chennai becomes good.anyways HE WILL CONTINUE AS THE BISHOP TILL HIS TENURE ENDS REALLY.CHRIST JESUS WILL HELP THE BISHOP,HE DOES NOT NEED ANYONE ELSE.

  14. people here.

    bishop deva.. he has the right to stand as bishop till he is 65, accordingly to constitution

    the present scenario,
    the people who want him to be oustered are

    1. people who call themselves reverends and are power mungers they are ain’t nadar or dalit they are christians, who call themselfs as next bishop
    (if bishop deva continues his tenure till 65 these people will get retired,they cant become bishop)

    2. certain community is not encouraged in christianity, but still some people from southern part of tamil, by the name of caste are differentiating and trying to recoupe people against the bishop.


    everyone must understand,

    1. all the bishops have been in office till 65years
    2. there is not such rule framed in contitution as ten years tenure
    3. bishop devasahayam can continue till he wishes
    4. the supreme court has bunked the case.
    5. bishop continues his tenure to the eleventh year now.
    6. power mungers will never succeed..

    if you people any queries then call me 9884994333

  15. and one more..

    the almighty decides everything..

    so people be careful while talking about church issues

    1. don’t try to create communal and caste differences.
    2. don’t try and provoke and sadden a gods choosen person who is the bishop..

    those people who do so..will reap the punishment of god

  16. Thanks for the post Mr Enoch. You are right. Let us not have any tags attached to us within the church. I think we should all have one common objective-“ecumenism”.

    We, among the denominations talk about ecumenism but we do not practice the same within the church. People with little cultural difference are seen and treated as heathens still in our churches. Let us all realize that these communal identities and other discriminating tools have become incongruent (Gal 3:28) after Jesus Christ had risen.

    1. well said Vasanth Leslie ,,

      people are nowadays hypocrites,and even selfish power mungers..

      they are yet top realize the true meaning of christianity, or the purpose of christianity.

      through Christ we are one ..even ecumenism is not encouraged by the preachers nowadays, the idea is just like,it saddens since some of the preachers who dont even know the meaning of this term ecumenism or the existence of it..when the preachers are taught well and brought up ,,sure the congregation will be preached in a good way …

  17. After reading many earlier Comments, I say the following :
    1.Corruption is Corruption.A Criminal is a Criminal and they have to be punished.
    2.When once a Christian,there is no question of Communal differences.Only people try to use it as a cover / support.Even Justice P D Dinakaran,who is about to be impeached, says he is a dalit.Does it matter a bit in the eyes of law ?
    3.A dalit by definition is an oppressed person.How can he be a dalit?Bishop Devasagayam who oppresses the honest and straightforward people, is an oppressor like Hitler,Edi Amin,etc.On the other hand we, who are oppressed by this oppressor are only Dalits.This is the statement I made in the court and it was appreciated.
    4.Do we want India to improve or go down from bad to worse?If you want to say YES,then be honest with CHRACTER.Shun everything else.It is a disgrace that of late many bishops are being arrested.Are they Christ’s witnesses ?
    5. Laity Association has atleast 60 % dalits of their discription.


  19. I have my 6th and 7th point too.
    6.CSI is an unregistered body and so has no local standi in the eyes of law.So how can the constitution of this unregistered and unrecognised constitution be binding.His appointment order stipulates his term of office as 10 years only.This is a contract and is only recognisable in law.Hence it is binding.The high court bench order also confirms only this.Against this Bishop Devasahayam has gone on an appeal to the supreme court.According the same constitution that he though wrongly quotes,says that he ought to have gone to the Supreme court with ther permission of the Synod which he purposey never did.In fact for that, the Synod should take disciplinary action against him.
    7.The cheating by him of the Customs of the Central government and cheating the christians of the use of the medical equipment in Nagari Hospital itself will prove his Hypocracy.So let us not talk foolishly anymore about Ordained persons etc.Law is the same for everyone.In fact a bishop like this should be treated more harshly -because In spite of being a bishop, he has proved to be a criminal.

    1. MR. major J .victor..

      dont be a HYPOCRITE yourself…

      first correct the number of spelling mistakes in your post and then you can correct someone.

      1.no one cheated the customs, customs imposted the bill which the csi hospital paid..
      neither it has connections with the bishop paying taxes, nor does he involve in that,
      dont speculate things to your concern.

      2.mr victor your rather said LAITY..as you call yourself a gen sec of it..
      are you ready to tell me the members of it or tell me the governing body or tell me on what basis you run it. what does your organisation do? what good have you done rather than pointing as an irrespected body with full of varied senses..

      3.dont bring communal differences here..
      first of all as you say when no one is bothered on community, why do you want it to state it down here..
      mr.victor you must understand that the country INDIA if there is no community and communal difference’s then it would have long ago turned into a good state .
      only because of its communal differences its what how it is now..

      4.mr.victor i shall say to you,,
      please dont give wrong ideas with regard to supreme court, customs, or dalit..

      if you do so, its unworthy coz nowadays everyone knows what BISHOP is and what happening around..

      and also everyone now clearly knows about you mr.victor and you laity..

      you cannot run to the out of the cliffs of ALMIGHTY ..

      as you said a criminal is a criminal , so is what a hypocrite is a hypocrite and also a lame person who claims negatives is a negative himself..

      good luck on your tenure mr.victor.. every days are gifted from TRIUNE and he will see to what is right and what is wrong

  20. Hello,
    Strange. People call themselves General Secretary and they so very bad about a person. Mr Victor, why are you so very angry about an individual? We have not only discussed about Bishop but also about so many things. I think, I have not taken any stand in the whole discussion. Please try to be balanced. You are making all these allegations against Bishop as if this is the only objective of LAITY association.

  21. Hello,
    Strange. People call themselves General Secretary and they speak so very bad about a person. Mr Victor, why are you so very angry about an individual? We have not only discussed about Bishop but also about so many things. I think, I have not taken any stand in the whole discussion. Please try to be balanced. You are making all these allegations against Bishop as if this is the only objective of LAITY association.

  22. I understand that we have similar problems in Madurai, Tinneveli etc.. Is that true? If so it it wonderful. The God who created man out of sheer dust, and picks up the despicable things on the earth to do great things will surely do a marvelous work on the church. Lets debate, dialogue, have a splat or even slug it out.. but let us not loose our peace and love for one another brethren. We should have the ability to wrestle hard, fight tooth and nail and still love one another. I love this work in the last book of the bible ” u r neither hot nor cold u r lukewarm and I will spew thee out of my mouth” All of us out here are surely not lukewarm..

    I pity church movements that are all sugar and honey on the outside but rotten in the inside – particularly the Pentecostal systems.. No democracy. No discussions. No dialogues. There is only one way – the pastors way . How unchristian is that?

  23. Dear Friends!

    Devasagayam is a wonderful person.Dont throw mud on him. He has served our society very well. I know him personally. All what you say are just out of rumours. Dont pull ourselves down. If you feel he is doing mistake tell him personally to get his reply. but this way of mudslinging is not good as christians. I request you all to stop in the name of GOD all these ugly corrupt words. let us work to build the nation through serving poor and needy. Please friends! Stop bad…. propagate good……

  24. Christianity is collapsing all over the world.It is reflected in India also .It really needs a reformation which long due.The church has lost its mission and vision .It is highly commercialised , corrupted and withering .I wish and pray a Second Reformation will revive the church and stablise Christianity .

    1. agreed samson.. the collapse is not just because of all the corruption and stuff like that, its more because of over simplification and miracle dependence. The treasures and the wealth in Jesus Christ is completely ignored…. we sure a messing it up and missing great blessings

  25. hi, I am Natarajan K, living at Kanchipuram. our church Rev. s.samuel is given complaint upon me at B2 police station, as i was about to talk after the message completed. I do never even know that its wrong. being a presbyter who is supposed to forgive, instead he complaints in police station. he put police man not to let me inside church on sunxay. in my lifetime, this is the very first complaint which rev.s.samuel gave on me. i even escalated this issue to Bishop of Madras Rev.V.Devasahayam. during the service, Rev.S.Samuel says at church, every thing is happening under bishops consideration. this same incident happened 2 weeks before for his father. Rev.s.samuel is simply apologizes for his father’s deed. but, to me, he removed me from the primery membership of the church with bishop’s signatured letter. here in kanchipuram people are reviled by the pastor according to his mentality. these all well knowned by our church people. church people are the witness for all this. we have proof for all these things even we have recordings while he presbyter s.samuel continously foist ill fame upon youth people. Especially SC people are cornered example like me. now we are unhappy. started to go some other church.

  26. Dear Mr Natarajan,

    You may elaborately write about it. A pastor talking ill about a community? that too in a church? hmmmm…………….. where are we heading to?

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