Smother you to death with good service

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I was enjoying my solitude after a good jamming session with my friends. My stomach was quite content with a good lunch I had filled it with. Mine eyes were just beckoning my tired 60-year body to la la land when the air was stabbed by the phone ringing.

Hello, Sir, I am calling from TATA Motors

Me: hmmm yaaa go on

Sir wanted to know if you are satisfied with the service 

Me:  I am basically satisfied with my life and I am resting on a Sunday afternoon. is it possible to call tomorrow?

Sorry Sir

Telecalling is a tough job, customers can be really nasty. I make it a point to be nice to people over the phone but then the TATA SERVICE is so good they wrestle with me on the edges of my threshold of tolerance.

This morning as I opened the laptop to start my day. I had this service call from TATA MOTORS again. I lost it and I said, “Why would you make me regret buying a TATA car?” Then I realized that its Monday Morning for that young caller too and why would I want to spoit it,  so I quickly got hold of myself and got on with the call. This time it was answering a barrage of questions related to the service rendered by TATA MOTORS. The ridiculous aspect is I had to quantify the service. One of the questions asked was “How was the service at the dealership?” I wanted to tell him that the service was more than what I expected and that I would rather be left alone now – but the caller wanted me to summarise with a number. So I had to expend my limited cognitive power to quickly convert observation into a number because he was ready with 6 more questions and I did not really want to waste the time of that algorithm.

Is TATA MOTORS  powered by a qual jock?  One thing is quite apparent in the calls I get – the employees are driven to hitting a number in order to get their rewards.

The salesman who navigated me through the buying process was fantastic.  Once the sale was made it seems like AI has taken over and I am being slobbered by too much service to the point of being choked.